In case you missed it - here is the official visualizer for “Wolf Bite!” 

i’m seeing SO many comments like: “Adam. Yr Dumb. What is a visualizer?” Well ladies and gentleman, it’s not quite a lyric video, yet it’s not a full blown music video that you’d see on MTV, VH1, MuchMusic, etc. It simply is a visual companion to the track itself.

With that said, I hope you dig it!!! 

I can’t fall asleep because I have inspiring ideas constantly scraping the inside of my head. I can’t soften or quiet my mind and I end up lying there doing nothing. When you know you have to get up early, you end up staying up later than you would have otherwise because it’s all mental. People think insomniacs are wired and wide-awake all the time…not the case. We are always tired, we merely have a hard time allowing ourselves to spend the amount of time in ‘low gear’ necessary to allow body and rest to meet. We have loud thoughts, ruthless minds.
Adam Young (via whatashipwreck)